• Fail early to succeed sooner

    — Matt Hunter (IDEO)

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Video on the future of our connected society

I would like to share this video, that doesn’t only depict the current advancements of our connected society, but also gives a good impression of what the future might look like. The 20-minute video includes intervies with David Rowan (Wired Magazine), Caterina Fake (Founder of […]

Richard Branson on Developing a Company Culture

Very refreshing to hear the honest answer of Richard Branson. When asked about the foundation of Virgin’s famous corporate culture, it turns out that it was not „planned from the start“ but rather incididentally developed based on his personal core values, e.g. treating customers very […]

Rock stars are important – Why the Music industry is like Venture Capital

The whole industry relies on a few hits By betting on a huge portfolio of potential stars, a few „home-runs“ have to subsidize the large portion of failed stars. It can take years until the stars turn out First a lot of money needs to […]

Meet the Dragons – opening of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010

Yesterday, the Global Entrepreneurship Week started worldwide. In the Netherlands, there was a big opening event at the Airport of Rotterdam. Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Liberal Democrats, opened the event. Afterwards a live episode of […]

The book of the future

The current shift of consumers towards E-Readers like the Amazon Kindle or the Apple iPad is amazing. For instance Amazon already sells 143 Kindle books for every 100 hardbacks. These E-Readers have already a lot of useful features, such as highlighting text, taking notes and […]

FIFA business model visualized

Just found an interesting visualization of the FIFA business model: 5 reasons why FIFA’s business model works best: 1. Virtually all revenue going to the World Cup FIFA with some kick back to the hosting country 2. Sponsors pay big bucks for the brand and […]