• Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted

    — Albert Einstein

Video on the future of our connected society

I would like to share this video, that doesn’t only depict the current advancements of our connected society, but also gives a good impression of […]

Richard Branson on Developing a Company Culture

Very refreshing to hear the honest answer of Richard Branson. When asked about the foundation of Virgin’s famous corporate culture, it turns out that it […]

Rock stars are important – Why the Music industry is like Venture Capital

The whole industry relies on a few hits By betting on a huge portfolio of potential stars, a few „home-runs“ have to subsidize the large […]

Meet the Dragons – opening of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010

Yesterday, the Global Entrepreneurship Week started worldwide. In the Netherlands, there was a big opening event at the Airport of Rotterdam. Nick Clegg, the Deputy […]

The book of the future

The current shift of consumers towards E-Readers like the Amazon Kindle or the Apple iPad is amazing. For instance Amazon already sells 143 Kindle books […]

FIFA business model visualized

Just found an interesting visualization of the FIFA business model: 5 reasons why FIFA’s business model works best: 1. Virtually all revenue going to the […]

Inspirational session with Niklas Zennström

Niklas Zennström, the  founder of Kazaa, Skype and Joost visited the Rotterdam School of Management. He does not only have an impressive track record as […]